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The hottest in Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Hillbilly and 1950s style Rock'n'Roll presented by The Rockabilly DJ, Bill Smoker. A weekly podcast available for free download in MP3 format Broadcasting from the world-famous studio under the stairs in Croydon, south London. This show is also broadcast twice weekly on

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New Releases Summer 2019 Part 6


These days, if you say you're a Rockabilly these days, you'll be arrested and thrown in jail. And I'll tell you something else. These days, if you say Piccaninny Watermelon Letterbox Cake Bumboys Vampires Haircut Inconclusive-Cocaine-Event Wall-Spaffer Spunk-Burster Fu*ck-Business F*ck-The-Families Get-Off-My-F*cking-Laptop Turds, you'll become Prime Minister. These days. It's political madness gone incorrect.

Yet more new releases this time. We are back in a couple of weeks.

King Charles, Hi Boys, Colton Turner, Gospel Strings, Danny O & the Astrotones, Dance With Her Henry, Deltas, Doel Brothers, Jake La Botz, Guitar Gable and King Karl, John Lewis RNR Trio, John and Francis Reedy, McCurdy Brothers, Heathens, Rudy Presto, Smokestack Lightning, and Buddy Holly.




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